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The Things we Hail

I wonder if the leaves would die

Before man roamed the earth

He’s blowing smoke into the air

And calls the whole thing worth


The leaves all crisp and natural

Lie in puddles full of muck

And to man the earth is all the better

And his hand has brought her luck


I wonder if the builder

Ever looks up to the sky

At clouds in floating citadels

And vows himself to try


And reach their heights and magnitude

Their glory now to feign

He curses at the natural order

Looking down at his domain


And if Pegasus were here now

He would touchdown on the earth

And springs of all things beautiful

Would assemble and give birth


But oh those time of yore have passed

And we’ve constructed a divider

And pegasus commercialized

Has deigned to take a rider


But still the walls and compositions

Imposed upon this land

Resemble pillars of times long past

As the arts still show the hand


And peeling back the curtains

And lifting up the veil

Like Moses on the mountain

We now see the thing we hail

Dive a bit deeper

Poetry is musical and thus is best heard. Below you can listen to the poem being read aloud.

Poem Audio
The Things we Hail
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"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."

Edgar Allen Poe
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Image by Jr Korpa


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