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The Scar of Man

Lights sprawl in every direction

Man, now too mature, seems to shun

The home given once to a man

Who scared all of nature and cast

The world into fear, that masked

Beauty, truth, and goodness which can,

Remind all of our humble home

Of waters that upon cliffs foam,

Of green plants that set hearts to rest

Of mountains which inspire deeds

So great that for a second needs,

Fade away and dreams come to nest.


So why has man forgotten home?

Why is the land scared with pride?

Mans curse, exposed on his side

Bleeds and pollutes the watery foam,

Crushes green plants, to cause just stress.

Lays low great deeds and pays no heed

To mountains that satisfy need

And now man lies all a torn mess

Cursing the world and God for faults,

That only he, in his greed cults.


Yet there is hope that lies in trees

Tis love that shall save our seeds.

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Poetry is musical and thus is best heard. Below you can listen to the poem being read aloud.

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The Scar of Man
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"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."

Edgar Allen Poe
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