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A Prayer

When your heart is heavy to heavy to hold,
All the pain and sorrow of a life untold.
Come to the Lord and your tears unfold,
Hold on the Lord of heaven and earth.

When your soul is bowed down with memory of sin,
When your strength and courage are crumbling in.
Hold to the Lord in your soul within,
And hear of his word that whispers your worth.

When your heart is full of the glories of God,
And your lips all full with psalms of laud.
Pause in your heart to remember in sod,
That seed of your tears now grown to mirth.

Dive a bit deeper

Poetry is musical and thus is best heard. Below you can listen to the poem being read aloud.

Poem Audio
A Prayer
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"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."

Edgar Allen Poe
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Put away your devices

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