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A Day in the Soul

The morning has passed me by.
Morning, with it's peaceful rise,
Hope written in it's skies.
Expectation that draws nigh.
Life rises from where it lies,
Meeting with those yearning sighs,
The day from which it will ply,
Purpose and adventurous highs.

The Daylight has come and gone.
Daylight with it's battle songs,
That sit in the throat of throngs,
Who remember hopeful dawn.
Daylight in which mankind prongs,
At earth for that which he longs.
Protects the good with his brawn
And fights for right over wrongs.

Evening has faded away.
If only it would have staid.
With it's golden hour shade,
That sings the eternal day.
Evening with it's sunset laid,
Open hearts of every maid,
And with each and every ray,
Home to men's hearts evening bade.

Night is spent and I am cold.
It seems to have from me stole,
Hope of dawn and left a hole.
Night has taxed the daylight's bold,
Seeks to crush the evening's soul.
Yet with every beckning toll,
The bells of the night have told,
of He who rose in full.

He draws near to bring me home.
for that which in dawn was sown,
Will in Him be fully grown.

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Poetry is musical and thus is best heard. Below you can listen to the poem being read aloud.

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A Day in the Soul
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"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."

Edgar Allen Poe
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