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Chiaroscuro: Works for Solo Violin by J.S Bach

When Alena was six, she wanted to grow up to simultaneously be a nun, a doctor, and an astronaut. These desires to love God totally, bring healing to others, and live among the stars have been fulfilled through family life and the experience and sharing of the beauty of God through music, art, and poetry.

Chiaroscuro: Works for Solo Violin by J.S Bach
Let there be Light!

Original artwork by Alena Carter


Chiaroscuro perfectly describes the last three of Bach's six sonatas and partitas for solo violin: a glorious transition from grief, pain, despair, and darkness to joy, exuberance, hope, and light; 

the play of light and darkness.

I hope that your experience of this music is as transendent and transformative as mine has been 

it needs only open ears and an open heart!

Wearable Beauty

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