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Print Designer

About this Endeavor

We are hoping to publish a Quarterly Journal of the arts. Unfortunately none of us have much talent with creating a beautiful looking Journal. That's where you would come in!

We can provide the means, artwork and know how necessary to get the Journal up and running but we do not have the creative talent to design it. 

You will recieve the lions share of all proceeds that come from the Journal. We are working on a extensive explination of our economic model and though the writing is not finished we are happy to talk about it.

About Bonfire media

Bonfire Media seeks to renew culture through contact with beauty in all its forms. To inject into our sickly society the medicine of stories which lead the soul down the good path by enlightening the mind with truth. We are not so focused on fine art but on the common (hobbit art as we affectionately call it) that binds together local communities and builds authentic culture. Bonfire Media’s goal is to unite artists and communities not only in our online platform but also in events that will bring people together to encounter art and hopefully build a beautiful culture.​

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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