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Build Beauty With Us

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Why Publish With Us?

The Problem

For over 200 years a small number of big names have monopolized the publishing industry. These giants in their world control the standard procedures and make it difficult and well-nigh impossible for the average creator to spread his work. The authors published by these traditional companies make 1-5% royalties on books, 5% on e-books and 1-5% on audiobooks. On top of that, 90% of authors sell less than 100 books and in order for the majority of authors to even get noticed by a traditional publishing company they need to be connected with an agent, the odds of which are 1 in 6,000. That leaves the majority of creators with a .00016% chance at a shot of being heard.

So how is Bonfire Media different? 

Here at Bonfire we recognize one key reality, namely that people who create do so out of love for their craft. The everyday poet is not employed as a poet, the everyday author is not employed as such, and the same for musicians, painters and speakers. These creators deserve to be heard in their own spaces and believed and pondered because of their particular experiences and knowledge not despite them. Here at Bonfire Media we call this hobbit art: art for the little people. 

What we promise

Because of this belief, Bonfire Media has flipped the script of publishing and has committed to these practices. 


  • Each creator with Bonfire Media will make the “lion’s share” of the profit from his or her own work. Whereas other companies take 95% (often 98% - 99%)  and give the author 5%, Bonfire Media guarantees the creator 40%-60% of the profits of his own work. 

  • Here at Bonfire Media, creators retain the ownership of their intellectual property keeping their work safe from the manipulation which would otherwise be incurred upon it by other publishing houses. 

  • Bonfire Media’s team of editors, professionals, and all of their curated network are available for every creator, not just “the few.” 

A Parting Thought…

It is a difficult thing to pursue the truth about beauty on one's own. Friends, families, communities, and a culture are necessary for individual flourishing. Here at Bonfire Media we offer the opportunity to be a part of a culture and community dedicated to this pursuit. In a world where the paradigm of success is measured by one's financial achievements, trajectory towards fame, or one’s influence over their peers, we at Bonfire Media fight to redefine these measures of success; to reward the pursuit of truth, to favor the truly beautiful, and to marvel at the good. We would love nothing more than to have you join us in this pursuit and in what is bound to be nothing less than a marvelous adventure.

Publishing made Possible
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