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“We had to do it.” Rubens said quietly. He was speaking for his own sake as well as Hopkins’. “This was the only way…”

The scout who has forsaken his conscience to give peace to all but himself. The widow who flees her past, desperate to remake herself. The daughter who can heal others but not herself. The politician who desires truth, truth at any cost.

The future of Mundus lies at their feet even as the past presses them forward. All of time yearns for them to come into their destinies, but will they scorn their responsibilities or embrace them?



Dive a bit deeper

I began Immortalis as a simple writing project in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. It was never meant to be anything more than a hobby, a fun distraction, or a writing exercise. After  some forty-thousand words I realized I actually had something resembling a book on my hands so I went back to the drawing board and came up with a world, a story, and a whole host of characters. Before I knew it, I had written the last word of Book 1 and the first word of Book 2. These characters and this story are a product of my childhood spent reading everything from Vonnegut and Lewis to Tolkien, Sanderson, and Paolini, my college years studying philosophy, theology, and the classics, and my natural love of all things fantasy and science fiction. More than anything, this story is a mark of my love for the written word. May you find in it a small measure of joy, as I have.

Paul Merimee

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