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Paul Merimee

Unpublished author extraordinaire.

Paul Merimee

Paul grew up in sunny and vibrant Cleveland, Ohio with his eight siblings. In his early years Paul loved to read, voraciously consuming anything that had an engaging front cover at the library. Paul wanted to be a software engineer, not an author. He somehow ended up going to a small, liberal arts college in the middle of Wyoming which was where he was introduced to great writers like Homer, Dostoevsky, Aristotle, and Milton. Throughout his undergraduate he began to realize that he was drawn to the medical world, however, prerequisites for medical school were boring so one day in the middle of a worldwide pandemic Paul decided to write something. About forty-thousand words later he realized he was writing a book and decided that he had better put some thought into it. While he still wants to be a doctor, he has decided that writing is at least a healthy output for all his stress and anxiety. He plans to write until the words dam up or he contracts some deadly disease.

My Artistic Endeavors

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