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Parker Eidle

The City Slicker Cowboy Songbird of a Generation

Parker Eidle

Parker Eidle is the city-slicker cowboy songbird of a generation. Parker is based in Dallas, TX, but since 2014 has been busking wherever the wind blows him. From Philadelphia, PA to Lander, WY; Cleveland, OH to Dallas, TX; wherever he goes Parker brings with him the traditional sounds of the country-side he loves to travel. Artists such as Old Crow Medicine Show, Zach Bryan, Oliver Wood, Tyler Childers and the Felice Brothers, have all contributed to inspiring Parker’s musical sound.

Having gained popularity in small bars and dark alleys across the nation, Parker now debuts his first single, Denver with the help of Bonfire Media and Producer Thomas Mireless of Stone Creek Sound, and is set to release his new single, “Quilted Hillsides” in November of 2022.

So turn that stereo up to 10, roll the windows down, and enjoy responsibly!

My Artistic Endeavors

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